Our Volunteers

The Peanut Butter Classic was started by Heather Forsyth (former MLA). 

Heather wanted to do something to encourage women helping other women and children.

20 years ago, she called a group of passionate friends and together they formed The Peanut Butter Classic, a charity golf tournament.

They chose a woman’s charity to support and also decided to collect for food bank donations. When Heather called the Calgary Food Bank, the number one item required at the time was peanut butter. This was the inspiration for the unique name for this charity golf classic.

Heather remains incredibly proud of what this wonderful group of dedicated women has been able to accomplish over the last 20 years.

The Peanut Butter Classic has raised over $2.4 million dollars to help women and children and has provided thousands of jars of peanut butter to the Calgary Food Bank!


The Women Behind the Tournament

Heather Forsyth

Founder & Chair

Irene Perkins

Vice Chair

Wendy Adam

Vice Chair

Cathy Spackman


Nicole Castle

Board Member

Heather Davies

Board Member

Ashley Teixeira

Board Member

Karla Williams


Lanett Young

Committee Member

Yasmin Hassan

Committee Member

Michelle Rogers

Committee Member

Kristina Plank

Committee Member

Kelsey Truong

Committee Member

Alyssa Sagum

Committee Member

Shelley Hartwell

Committee Member

Lena Ong-Gross

Committee Member

Tiffany Gordon

MC and Ambassador


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