The Women Behind The Peanut Butter Classic

The Peanut Butter Classic was started by former MLA Heather Forsyth. Heather wanted to do something to encourage women helping other women and children. She pulled a group of passionate friends together to start a charity golf tournament exclusively for women.

They chose a woman’s charity to support and also decided to call for food bank donations. When Heather called the food bank, the number one item required at the time was peanut butter and so the unique name for this inspired charity golf classic came to be.

Heather remains incredibly proud of what this wonderful group of dedicated women have done over the last 14 years. The Peanut Butter Classic has raised over 1.5 million dollars to help women and children and has provided peanut butter to more than 1,000 families!

More recently, Shane Homes has become the presenting sponsor of the tournament. Under the leadership of President Shane Wenzel they not only donate money, they also quietly do the repairs and maintenance at Alcove Residences – maintaining the safe houses for women in need – without any fanfare.

It takes a team of committed ladies to pull off the Peanut Butter Classic each year. The following is our 2017 Board roster, with a quote from each member about why they are part of the team.

I feel strongly about giving back to women and their families. I believe this ladies only golf tournament is a fun and unique way to make a difference.

Heather Forsyth

PBC Chair and Founder

I joined the PBC to contribute to a top notch charitable organization. Supporting women and their children is crucial to our community. I am thrilled to be a part of an amazing group of women!

Janet Blahun

New PBC Board Member 2017

I am on this committee as a memory to Betty Switzer, who strongly believed in women helping women.

Anne Christopoulos

Switzer’s Investments Ltd.
PBC Board Member since 2009

As a mother of two small children I love the idea when women are seeking help at Alcove they can bring their children with them. I strongly believe in what we do for Alcove.

Janey Chupik

PBC Board Member since 2011

I wanted to give back to our great community in Calgary and work with like-minded people. Knowing that in some small way I have helped give someone a hand up is very gratifying.

Carol Cowan

Territory Manager, Jamieson Laboratories
New PBC Board Member 2017

The Peanut Butter Classic committee allows me to work with other like-minded women who make the lives of others a bit brighter. As the development coordinator for the Calgary Food Bank, I see first-hand the positive impact resulting from the PBC.

Cindy Drummond

Calgary Food Bank

I have known about PBC for many years, and the concept of women helping women and their families is very powerful. I am thrilled to be a part of this necessary charity.

Tammy Forbes

Founder, FearlessInk Communications
New PBC Board Member 2017

Because everyone needs help, and sometimes people need more help than others, at some point in their journey.

Rhonda Halyn, CMA

VP Finance, Shane Homes and Creations by Shane Homes
PBC Board Member since 2010

I have volunteered with the PBGC since 2010. No matter how busy my life may be, I volunteer because I know that what the PBGC contributes to the charities we support makes a difference in the lives of women and children who need a helping hand. To quote James Durst,
‘Help one another; there’s no time like the present and no present like the time.

Brenda Kasianiuk

Shane Homes
PBC Board Member since 2010

I volunteer to share my skills and experiences and to contribute to making our community a better place. As an active member of the PBC board since 2012 I have enjoyed the friendships and teamwork of an amazing group of women who care deeply about helping women and children in need.

Wendy Keegan

PBC board member since 2012

Being a woman, a mother, and a member of the PBC, who can contribute to helping make even one woman's life in our community a little easier seems a small token on my part.  I feel privileged to be able to play a role in this wonderful mission.

Traci Laliberte

BDO Canada LLP
PBC Board Member since 2009

I wanted to be part of an amazing group of ladies that stood for “Women Helping Women”. The women of the PBC accomplish bigger and better things every year and being a participant is so rewarding.

Ann Logue

PBC Board Member since 2003

PBC is the only golf tournament in Calgary that raises funds to support organizations that focus on issues affecting the welfare of women and children. Alcove has been privileged and we are extremely grateful to be the recipient of this phenomenal and growing fundraiser.

Cheryll Nandee

Executive Director Alcove

It is inspiring to work with such a group of dedicated women volunteers.  Their passion to help women and children in need in our community, and the Calgary Food Bank, has helped build the Peanut Butter Classic golf tournament into a very successful and fun fundraising event.

Cathy Spackman

Board Member, Alcove
PBC Board Member since 2003

I love that our focus is on the women and children of our community.  When I listen to stories of the women we have helped and how well they are doing it truly makes my heart smile that I, in some small way, helped repair a broken life!

Janice M. Tiberio

Relationship Manger, ATB
PBC Board Member since 2009

I feel a charity that gives back 98% of the proceeds collected and supports two well deserved groups at the same time, is something I am proud to be part of and I am honoured to be associated with this amazing group of women who donate their time and hard work to help others in need.

Kim Urban

CEO, Urban Consulting Corp.
PBC Board Member since 2016

The Peanut Butter Classic really spoke to me. I have always been invested in "Women helping Women" and my time with this dynamic group of women has fulfilled that mission. The team works hard to raise money, put on an incredible tournament for this very worthy cause and we are able to give 98% of our monies raised to the charity. I am sincerely privileged to be part of PBC.

Jeannine Zanewich

PBC Board Member since 2013